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(N) Mayas Pride Hannah (ABY o) Ruddy


Født: 25.07.2010

PK: Laboklin (Germany) DNA Tested 2010. Result = normal

PRA: Laboklin (Germany) DNA Tested 2010. Result = normal
Patella Luxation: Tested. Result = normal

ID: Marked whit a micro chip

Our little Hannah is from our own breed. A late summer evening/night June 2010 our H- litter was born. Into this world came 4 Ruddy girls. Never have we had such a active and wild litter. It was full speed from day 1. It became clear very early, that Hannah would be a nice Abyssinian kitten. But the problem was, I could not keep another female in the house. We decided to find her a nice foster home. And so we did. This is a young couple which lives on a place called Blaker (a bit north of Oslo). The foster family are gorgeous people which lives and breads for their animals. Hannah is living whit Nala (1/2 Abyssinain female cat) and a new small puppy called Athena (American Akita). Emelie, the foster mother is very clever whit Hannah. She's training whit her and have made a very good job whit preparing Hannah for to enjoy chows. Hannah has been to some shows, and done very well. Our hope for her in the future is that she'll continue to do well at shows. And when the time comes, our hope is a few nice litters.