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(N)Mayas Pride Luna Mia (ABY o) Sorrel


Born: 28.08.2013

Mother: SC (N)Mayas Pride Iris (Sorrel) DNA tested both for PK and PRA: result free
Father: GIC S*GoodNews Prince Jeorge (Viltfarget),
DNA tested for PRA: result free
DNA testef for PK: result carrier

ID: Marked whit a micro chip

Little Luna Mia (Lunanuna) was born in our home and is 1 of 4 kittens in our litter L. Mama Iris had a super easy birth :-) The little ones just slipped out of her without any problems or to much mess. In the litter is was: 2 boys and 2 girls (all Sorrel). Little Lunanuna had a rough start in her life, she was so tiny and had to have some extra TLC for some weeks. She had to be handfed for some time and soon became mother’s little favourite :-) When they were only a few weeks old, they did get pneumonia (Mycoplasma), and a nasty eye inflammation. It was a ruff period with a lot of medicine to all 4. Luna’s one eye did not turn out not to be like it should be. And, I could not let her go to someone else, she was my little darling. We mad a decision, she was staying here with us as a pet cat <3 Mothers little special Lunanuna <3 She’s a special and funny little cat miss. She’s got a lot of her uncle Ivo in her in her way of behave. Just a little clown, mothers little heart <3