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(N)Mayas Pride Nefer (ABY p) Fawn Abyssiner


Born: 18.03.2015

Mother: SC (N) Mayas Pride Iris.
Father: SC S*Aucuparia's Kebra Nagast.

ID marked with micro chip
PK: Laboklin (Germany) DNA Tested. Result = normal
PRA: Laboklin (Germany) DNA Tested. Result = normal
Bloodgroup: A
Patella Luxation: Result = normal

Our little Nefer is from our litter N. She's our very first Fawn kitten ever. She was the only girl in a litter of 3. Her 2 brothers was Sorrel. Since Nefer turned to be a really nice little Fawn girl, we did decide to find a foster home for her, so she could be our breeding female (not living with us). It was not that hard to find her the perfect foster family. We had learned to know a lovely couple not living far from us. They had just bought a Blue Abyssinian kitten from our former foster mother; Emelie Hedblom. Nefer was going to be Nubi's (Alessa's) play friend. May be Nefer will go to some shows and in the future have a litter or 2.