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IC Ingave's Zita (ABY n), Color: Ruddy

Female (neutered)

Born: 02.08.2002

PK: Pyruvate Kinase tested. Results = normal

PRA: Ophthalmic examination (09.02.06). Result = normal
PRA: DNA tested 2007. Result = affected
PRA: Ophthalmic examination (04.02.08). Result = mild/moderate change. She will be followed up by an expert every year at the Veterinary University in Oslo.

PK: Pyruvate Kinase tested. Results = normal

Patella Luxation: Tested, results = normal

ID: Marked with a micro chip

IC Ingave's Zita or Cleo that we call her here whit us, is our oldest Abyssinian cat. She came to us in October 2002.

She's a shadow after mom and follows her all over the house all the time. And she's a proper lady who wants to have the last word. She's wise, curious and playful, and studied when it comes to food. She's an incredible nice and kind cat. She's the boss of all our cats, and she's knows how and when to tell the younger ones to behave them selves. She's just beautiful, whit her nice and warm colour, fur quality, petit and cute face and whit her beautiful expressive eyes.

She's had 3 litters. All of her kittens have made their new family happy and very pleased.

So far she's been doing very well on shows. She became the best young cat over all in NRR in 2003 and also received the honorary price EC Kinski Av Concylies as the best Abyssinian cat 2003. The price was given by Mr. Poul Terp.

In our household, the Abyssinian cats have to stay indoors during the winter and on cold days. During the spring and summer they are staying in their play yard in the garden or they have a harness whit a very long rope. Usually Cleo finds a nice and shade fully spot and have a nice and quiet time watching the life go by. But if a wasp or bumble bee comes around, she's up and about as a kitten. She's also very good at bringing back sticks that we throw for her. That has proved to be a very fine thing to do inside the house in the cooler part of the year when they has to stay indoors.