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On this page you'll find generally information about (N) Mayas Pride kittens. For generally information about the Abyssinian breed see the page about the Abyssinian.
On the Kitten's page you can see if we have available kittens. Or when next litter is planned and our plans for the future.
We still do NOT sell kittens that are going to be outdoor cats.

First of all, we would like you to take a look at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jZ9CGARwEs. Notice that we do not agree with all that they say in that video.

Abyssinian cats sold from us who's going to be in a breeding program,
can be used within Somali breeding programs. BUT, are not to be used on Variants!

So, can I become the proud owner of a (N)Mayas Pride Abyssinian cat?
If the answer is yes on the following questions, you have the right attitude to become the owner of a lovely Abyssinian from us.

1. Have you thought carefully trough the responsibility it is to have a possible indoor cat? (N)Mayas Pride do not sell kittens that are supposed to run free!
2. Have you thought of that the cat you get, can live until 15 years of age +/-? That's many years of responsibility!
3. What to do if your going on a long holiday? We can not take in a cat during your holiday (normally). The cat will be moor comfortable with staying in it's own home during your holiday. Looked after by someone that it knows.
4. Are you certain that no one in your household is suffering from allergy to cats?
5. That you can provide the cat with all the TLC it will need for the rest of its life?
6. Will you make sure that the cat will be regularly examined and vaccinated by a veterinary?
7. Will you make sure that cat gets the nutrition it needs to stay healthy for the rest of it's life?
8. Will you make sure that if the cat is going to be outside the house, that it's safe for the cat, and not too much traffic. Or to have the cat in a pen or harness with a long line?
9. If you for some reason in the future have to find another home for the cat, will you make sure that the new owners are following the same rules as you have been following? And inform us about the new owners and where the kitten is living?

What is the price of an Abyssinian cat from (N)Mayas Pride:
First of all, we wish to breed Abyssinian cats witch are harmonious and with a pleasant temper and a great and nice appearance as possible.

All Abyssinian cats from our breed that are of; show/breeding or pet quality and that are healthy and well (have no deviation from the standard): Will be delivered with pedigree registered in NRR, class I. Price NOK 13.000,- (within Norway and Sweden).

Deviation from the ordinary price of a litter:
Notice that for some kittens (to other countries than Norway and Sweden), the price will be a bit higher. The kitten has to stay a bit longer in our home and the new owner has to pay extra for: Animal passport, rabies vaccine and all other tests required. Ordinary price is NOK 14.500,- (+). Also notice, that for some litters the price will be even a bit higher. This is due to bigger expenses for the mating process (travel cost and mating fees to the male owner). Price for such a litter is not set.

Kittens being sold as a pet cat with deviation from the standard (that makes it unfit to participate in shows or to be in a breeding program):
but are otherwise healthy and well, are supposed to be spayed/neutered in agreement with new owner (will be stated in the standard sales contract). The kitten will be delivered with pedigree registered in NRR, class II. Price? That depends on the deviation from standard.

Notice that in occasionally litters, there will be male kittens that are not going to be sold as breeding males, but sold as show/pet cats. Sometimes there will be restrictions on the litter (from the male breeder/owner). The kitten will be placed in pedigree II and will be neutered in due time (in agreement whit new owner). The price though for these kittens, is the same as for the rest of the litter.

What the prices includes, you'll find that below under "Kitten is moving".

(N) Mayas Pride Health plan:
All our Abyssinian cats are getting an optimal nutrition diet and they all have access to fresh water all the time. They are being given regularly examinations by our veterinary. When the kittens are born we are following this health plan:

Socialization: starts with their birth, and the daily contact increases day by day. The kittens will early be used to contact with children, other adults and they will slowly meet our other Abyssinian cats when they are about 6-8 weeks old.
Weight: the kittens are weighed both morning and evening the first 6 weeks. After that we continue with weighing once a week until they leave us. In this way we can control that they gain their weight and give us an indication if not.
Claw clipping: we start to clip their claws when the kittens are 2-3 weeks, after this we do the clipping on a weekly basis.
Worm cure: the kittens get their worm cure at 4-6-8-10-12th week.
Food: the kittens start to eat more solid food by beginning to eat gruel and kitten food when they are about 4-5 weeks old, or when we see they start to eat of their own mother's food.
Litter box training: starts when they are about 4 weeks old, with playing at first (a lot :-)), and they starts to use their litter box soon after they find out what they are suppose to do there. When they are delivered they are 100 % litter trained.
Vaccine/health certificate: The 1-2. vaccine is given when they are 10 and 14 weeks old, they will be given the 2. vaccine 4 weeks after the 1 vaccine. All kittens are delivered with an individual health certificate.
Electronic tag (Micro chip): all kittens are getting electronic tag, before leaving.

Kitten is moving:
When the kittens are 14-16 weeks old (16 weeks if sold outside Norway). All kittens are registered in NRR (NRR = Norske Rasekatters Riksforbund), a member of FIFE.

Cats that are not going to bee in a breeding program, will be registered with certified pedigree class II.

4. Kitten packet from Royal Canin with my favourite food. My comfy blanket, all of my favourite toys and a USB stick with photos of me and siblings. 5. And at least but not last!!!! My good temper, beautiful appearance and winning personality. When I move, this is what I will get with me: 1. NRR certified Pedigree
2. Health certificate
3. Two vaccines, electronic tag and worm cured
4. Kitten packet from Royal Canin with my favourite food. My comfy blanket, all of my favourite toys and a USB stick with photos of me and siblings.
5. And at least but not last!!!! My good temper, beautiful appearance and winning personality.

All our kitten buyers will receive all the help and advice they must need. We as the breeder are making the foundation to get the kittens to be as harmonious and easy to handle as possible. But it's the new owner that must continue this job, to get a cat who likes f. ex. to attend in cat show and take trips in a car.

(N) Mayas Pride Guarantee:
We want to ensure that all our kitten buyers feel that the kittens they have bought are healthy and well in all ways.

All our kittens are insured in Agria Pet insurance for concealed faults for 5 years. Provided that new owner makes a new assurance no later than 10 days after the kitten has left the breeder. The insurance from the breeder are valid for 1 day after the kitten has left the breeder.

(N) Mayas Pride can not guarantee the following: 1. That the cat will like cat shows
2. Good show results
3. That the cat will like to be transported in a car
4. If the kitten is sold as a breeding cat. The number of kittens or the quality of these in future litters
5. If the kitten/cat get sick from an infection from another cats after it has moved from us