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(N) Mayas Pride Emil (ABY o) Sorrel


Born: 23.08.2008

PK: Laboklin Germany (May 2010), Pyruvate Kinase DNA- tested with result = Normal/Free.

PRA: Laboklin Germany (May 2010), PRA DNA- tested with result = Normal/Free.

ID marked whit a micro chip

(N) Mayas Pride Emil was born Saturday 23. august 2008. Emil is our stud and is going to be father to a small number of litters. It was not the in our plans that he was going to stay at home with us, but with another family. But he did not like to stay there, even if the family was a really nice family. He’s enjoying himself here with his mother Isis, big sister Neffi (Nefertiti), 2 other Abyssinian cats (Cleo and Ramses) and our domestic cat Lazy DSM. Emil is a super kind, big handsome boy, that we are so proud of having in our cat family. He is one of the kindest and social Abyssinian we ever have had. He’s really enjoying himself whenever we get visitors coming to us, his tail up in the ear and hardly can’t wait until someone is picking him up. Loves to be close to everyone on the couch. This we take as an extra + and we hope he’ll pas this on to later offspring. As for today he’s done very well on cat shows and we hope he’ll continue that.