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(N)Mayas Pride Jazz (ABY n) Villt


Født: 03.02.2012

Mother: SC (N)Mayas Pride Isis. DNA-tested and free for both PK and PRA.
Father: SC Thamos Timbuktu JW, DVM. DNA- tested and free for both PK and PRA.

ID: marked with micro chip

Our little Jazz was born here with us on the night to 3. of February. He came as a great bonus. We could not see him neither on ultrasound or X- ray. Jazz early became mothers little favourite boy. He early showed him self as a nice, kind and easy to handle little baby boy. I did not want to sell him as a pet cat, he was to promising. So we did choose to put him in a host home. I managed to find a suuuuper host home for him. He's going to stay with a really nice young couple by the name Taran and Snorri who lives in Oslo. I will often go and bring him home, for to take him to shows. He's already done very well at shows. And when time comes, we hope he'll be the proud father to a few litters.