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(N) Mayas Pride Pharao Ramses (ABY n), (neutered), Color: Ruddy

Male (neutered)

Born: 04.04.2004

PK: Pyruvate Kinase tested. Result = carrier

PRA: Ophthalmic examination (01.09.05) Result = normal

ID: Marked whit a micro chip

(N) Mayas Pride Pharao Ramses, or just "Tooti" that we call him, is the first soon of IC Ingave's Zita/Cleo and he was born in our house spring 2004.

He had a bit of a tough start in his life with a mother that did not care for him after one week. So we had to bottle feed and wash him until he was big enough to manage things by himself. He's nice, good and has never been the one to do all the wrong and crazy things as a kitten and spoiled brat. No climbing in the curtains or tearing down things from the table. He's had his favourite toys, like his fabric rattle and feeding bottle. He tried the climbing bit, but he was a bit clumsier than his mother Cleo and Isis. He's a real "daddy's boy", likes to sleep in daddy's arms during the night, but during day time mothers PC key board is a nice place to have fun and a nap (especially when mother has a lot of work to do). If we're both present, he's running to and from both of us for to cuddle and wash our faces.

Ramses has just entered one show where he became judge's best cat and nominated for panel. He hate being on shows, so for a while he's going to stay at home and enjoy himself.

Otherwise, it is the same with him as for our other Abyssinian cats. He's an indoor cat during the winter and in cat enclosure during the spring and summer. He is wearing a harness with a long rope when he's playing in the garden. The joy of wasps and bumble bees he seems to have inherited from his mother.